Mattig Management Partners: Neueröffnung Niederlassung Bratislava


Mr lic. iur. Josef Aregger, LL.M.
Former Ambassador of Switzerland to the
Slovak Republic
Mattig Management Partners s.r.o.
Frantiskanske Namestie 7
SK-811 01 Bratislava
Mattig-Suter und Partner Schwyz

Mattig Management Partners: Bratislava Office Opened

A new subsidiary of Mattig Management Partners was opened end of February 2011. The independant Swiss consultancy has an experience of more than five years in Eastern Europe through local offices in Romania, Bulgaria and Austria.
The Bratislava office of Mattig Management Partners is lead by lic. iur. Josef Aregger LL.M., former Ambassador of Switzerland to Slowakia, and is specialised on management consultan-cy, focussing on the support of German speaking companies, networking and close cooperati-on with the Slowak authorities (esp. on municipal level). The Slowak team offers assists market entries, hosts representative offices of (Swiss) companies in Bratislava, makes qualified audit judgements on annual financial statements, and takes over accounting tasks.
Mattig Management Partners s.r.o. Bratislava is optimally positioned to offer competitive risk management solutions as well as financial planning schemes. The Bratislava team offeres a complete package of juridical services (esp. corporation and commercial law), and performs due diligence audits and implements internal control systems. The legal and taxation services comprehend also business startups, corporate restructuring, succession of ownership, contract design and further business planning activities.
Information, March 2011