In- und Outsourcing Lösungen
«We acknowledge Mattig Management
Partners for the comprehensive
support and the unsurpassed
assistance in the establishment
of our products on the Romanian
Harald W. Kessler, CEO
Plasticos Packaging Group AG, Zug (CH)
Mattig-Suter und Partner Schwyz

In- and Outsourcing Solutions

Cost reductions result directly from improved operational and economic performance. Mattig Management Partners can assist with identifying the right business partners and locations for you, standardizes your business processes, determines the sourcing potential and implements the sourcing strategy in your company.

After we have thoroughly analyzed your company and its development potential, we establish customized cost-reduction strategies. We focus on the long-term effects of the sourcing solutions and work to achieve ongoing and consistent optimization of your resources.
Mattig Management Partners can support with integrating the new procurement markets in your business processes. Our objective is to maintain your high quality standards while reducing your costs to enhance your competitiveness.
Upon implementation Mattig Management Partners will monitor the new processes to ensure that they are operating correctly, support the development of a reliable supplier network and measure progress with regard to quality. With our collaborative approach, we will integrate your team in the entire change process. This leads to an improved price/performance ratio and to sustainable, stable commitment on the part of your employees.