«Due to the qualified advice and the
active commitment of the Mattig
Management Partners specialists,
we constantly felt in safe hands
within the Romanian alternative
energy sector.»
Cristian Georgescu,
President ROKURA Srl., Bucharest (RO)
Mattig-Suter und Partner Schwyz

Project Management

As a full-service company, we are able to assist in executing your strategic initiatives. Clearly defined structures and a project-based network of decision-makers are important prerequisites for specific tasks. Take advantage of our interdisciplinary expertise. We implement your local transactions based on sound knowledge of the Southeastern European market and 7 offices in Europe.
Market research and meticulous planning form the basis of all successful projects. We support our clients' management in the development, control and completion of specific projects in Southeastern Europe. The risks are defined, the goals established and customized solutions developed.
Optimal configuration is based on the project objective and the developed solutions. We provide personal and technical assistance or handle the entire representation for you in our market territories. To do this, we support you with broad-based data, established methodology and many years of experience.
Mattig Management Partners has specific structures and special internal qualifications to support you successfully in the preparation and revision of business plans, market studies, integration of new investments and business units as well as the adaptation of the required business culture.